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GDI Count with _ProcessListProperties

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Is there a way to get the GDI count associated with the _ProcessListProperties function, or should I be using a different tool?

So far, using the following keeps returning 32, regardless of what process specified.

Global Const $GR_GDIOBJECTS = 0
$PID = WinGetProcess("LooAlert.Client.Notifier.exe")
consolewrite(@crlf & @crlf & "GDI Object: " & _WinAPI_GetGuiResources(0, $PID) & @crlf & @CRLF)


The following returns 0 when I use a valid PID. So far, I'm not getting the GDI Objects number that Windows Task Manager shows.

$PID = WinGetProcess("Microsoft Outlook")
consolewrite(@crlf &  "PID: " & $PID & @crlf & "GDI Object: " & _WinAPI_GetGuiResources($GR_GDIOBJECTS,6984) & @crlf & @CRLF)
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