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Unflash a Window ?


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I have been trying to get this sorted for 2 days now and still am not happy with the progress :)

I am working on a chat suppression script, similar to what skype uses when your set to DnD, so when its set to busy all messages are suppressed.

Now the basic idea is quite easy.

#include 'winapi.au3'
$SystemHook = DllCall('user32.dll', 'int', 'RegisterWindowMessageW', 'wstr', 'SHELLHOOK') ;$SystemHook
GUIRegisterMsg($SystemHook[0], 'SystemDetectHook')
DllCall('user32.dll', 'int', 'RegisterShellHookWindow', 'hwnd', $SystemGUI)

While 1

Func SystemDetectHook($hWnd,$Msg,$wParam,$lParam)
If $wParam = 32774 then
$lParam = WinGetTitle($lParam)
If _WinAPI_GetClassName($lParam) = "TConversationForm" Then
ConsoleWrite("Skype Message" & @crlf)
ConsoleWrite("Steam Message" & @crlf)
WinSetState($lParam, '', @SW_HIDE)

but it seams steam keeps sending the "flash message", does anyone know a way to stop steam sending the "flash message" or perhaps send a message 2 the steam window it say "hey its been actived stop flashin me now" or something ^^

WinSetState($lParam, '', @SW_SHOWNORMAL)

WinSetState($lParam, '', @SW_MINIMIZE)

WinSetState($lParam, '', @SW_HIDE)

Kinda works, though the window "flashes" each time a message comes, sometimes fails, and sometimes steals "focus" from the current application :(

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