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ObjEvent on ADO.Connection not returning strings

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I have Created an Event Handler for ADO.CONNECTION the functions do fire but the strings contain gibberish. The Long and Int return okay. I have looked up the interface and they should be returning Wstrings.. First ANybody know what a Wstring is ?? Im assuming that it is a Wide String, and how could that be converted in Auto-It to a human readable string. Thanks for any help you can give. I am connecting to a SQL Server 2008 server but you can connect to anything to test I believe

Below is the Function prototype givin by PowerBasic COM browser.

WillConnect <6> (ByRef InOut ConnectionString As WString, ByRef InOut UserID As WString, ByRef InOut Password As _

WString, ByRef InOut Options As Long, ByRef InOut adStatus As Long, Byval pConnection As Int__Connection)


const $ConnInterface = "ConnectionEvents"

$conn = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")
$connEvent = ObjEvent($conn,"EVENTS_",$ConnInterface)

if @error then
Msgbox(0,"AutoIt COM Test", _
"ObjEvent: Can't use event interface '"& $ConnInterface &"'. Error code: " & hex(@error,8))


$conn.open ("Provider=SQLNCLI10;Server=ServerName;Database=Database;Uid=UID;pwd=pwd")


Func EVENTS_ConnectComplete($ugh3,$ugh,$ugh1)

MsgBox(0,"ADO EVENT","Connected to DataBase")

Func EVENTS_Disconnect($ugh4,$ugh5)

MsgBox(0,"ADO EVENT","Disconnected from DataBase")

Func EVENTS_WillConnect($ConnectionString,$val2,$val3,$val4,$val5,$val6)
Msgbox(0,"Connection String",string($ConnectionString))

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This was a bug. It was fixed August 21, 2012. Unfortunately the fix revealed another issue with internal variant string type, so I can't recommend going for beta for this. Make bug report if you don't mind and I will explain the issue furher for other developers in case development doesn't start while I'm around.




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Bug report submitted.. Its not a big priority. Just would like it to work for future things Im working on. Thanks Again..

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