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Convert 64-bit IEEE float values from WinPCap data

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I've been using WinPCap and examples on the forum list data from packets. For 32-bit IEEE floats I can see the values with this:

$x = 0x0b634b40
ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("%8.8x %10.2f\n", $x, _WinAPI_IntToFloat('0x' & SwapEndian($x))))
0b634b40         3.18

Now I need to process 64-bit IEEE floats, so need a 64-bit equivalent of _WinAPI_IntToFloat. I don't mind losing the extra precision, the results will be rounded to 4 significant decimal digits at the most. Can't find anything on the forum. Does anyone use 64-bit floats? I think this is the first time I've ever seen a system using them.

e.g. 407e21c4e0000000 = 482.1105651855469

Is _WinAPI_IntToFloat a wrapper around a Windows function? and there's a 64-bit equivalent that I can get to with DllCall.

Is the AutoIt float an IEEE 32-bit float inside a variant?

If there's nothing better I'm thinking of:

- using bit operations to build a 32-bit number discarding all the extra bits.

- writing a dll in C to do the conversions and return the result (exactly what type?) to AutoIt.

Any info appreciated.

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