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Help with Coordinates and In-Window coordinates

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Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie here.

I'm developing a script that copy a selection of a pdf file and then paste it into paint to make it printable but I am encountering some issues.

I would like to select the area in every resolution and on every screen, is there a method to do that? For example to get the user screen resolution and to determine how to resize the area that should be selected and copyed?

This is my very simple code:

MouseClickDrag("left", 184, 470, 776, 854)
WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader", "OK")
WinActivate("Immagine - Paint")


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This is the probable attempt i used to do when i just started :P

You can try WinGetPos to get the coordinates and then try to click at that specific coordinates

FunFact: I even faced the same problem and used a more awkward solution

maximized the window and thereafter automated :)



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