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Links outside Tables

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I have no problem retrieving links from a web page but only want the ones within a Table. In using the _IELinkGetCollection I retrieve them all. Could someone assist by an additional statement within this command or is their a way via the _IETagnameGetCollection or similar.

Thanks you.

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The following example reads a downloaded HTML source file and outputs links within tables.

Note - I'm just learning how to work with HTML objects so I'm sure that there are other/better way to do this, but this works for me.

#include <IE.au3>
#include <array.au3>


ConsoleWrite(@error & @LF)

Func _lnks($html_code)

    Local $o_htmlfile = ObjCreate('HTMLFILE')

    If Not IsObj($o_htmlfile) Then Return SetError(-1, 0, '')


    Local $otbls = _IETagnameGetCollection($o_htmlfile, 'TABLE')

    if not isobj($otbls) then return seterror(-2)

    for $otbl in $otbls
        local $olnks = _ietagnamegetcollection($otbl, 'A')
        if not isobj($olnks) then return seterror(-3)
        ConsoleWrite('Links for table = ' & $otbl.id & ' ' & $otbl.title & ' ' & $otbl.summary & @LF)
        for $olnk in $olnks
            ConsoleWrite(@tab & $olnk.href & @LF)



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