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ControlSend Problem


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Hey guys, I am having a problem with ControlSend.

When I have it send "L", or any capitol letter, it only sends the shift key briefly, but when I send "l" or any lowercase, nothing gets sent.

This seems like a weird occurrence, normal Send works perfectly, but I want to use ControlSend because less could go wrong (window loses focus etc).

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which window are you trying to automate

Plus have you tried with ControlSetText

My code:

PredictText: Predict Text of an Edit Control Like Scite. Remote Gmail: Execute your Scripts through Gmail. StringRegExp:Share and learn RegExp.

Run As System: A command line wrapper around PSEXEC.exe to execute your apps scripts as System (LSA). Database: An easier approach for _SQ_LITE beginners.

MathsEx: A UDF for Fractions and LCM, GCF/HCF. FloatingText: An UDF for make your text floating. Clipboard Extendor: A clipboard monitoring tool. 

Custom ScrollBar: Scroll Bar made with GDI+, user can use bitmaps instead. RestrictEdit_SRE: Restrict text in an Edit Control through a Regular Expression.

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