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Random String Gen Enforcing at least 1 Numeric and 1 Alpha


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I wrote this as part of a routine to populate an Excel spreadsheet. I thought that I would post it just for shits and giggles...

The routine generates a variable number of variable length strings, each string containing at least one alpha and one numeric character.

This is slightly different as it uses a table of instructions that are randomly executed (as opposed to compound if...else statements).

#include <array.au3>

local $st = timerinit()
local $sStrings = gen_rnd_string(default,5000)
ConsoleWrite(round(timerdiff($st)/1000,3) & ' seconds' & @LF)

local $aStrings = stringsplit($sStrings,'|')

func gen_rnd_string($length = 8, $num = 1000)

    if $length = -1 or $length = default then $length = 8
    if $num    = -1 or $num    = default then $num    = 1000

    if not IsInt($length) then return seterror(1)
    if not IsInt($num)    then return seterror(2)
    if $length = 1        then return seterror(3)

    local $RndTbl[3] = ['chr(random(65,90,1))','chr(random(48,57,1))','chr(random(97,122,1))']

    local $str, $ret_str

    for $1 = 1 to $num
        for $2 = 1 to $length
            $str &= execute($RndTbl[random(0,2,1)])
        ; enforce not all alpha and not all numeric
        if StringIsdigit($str) or StringIsAlpha($str) then
            $1 -= 1
            $ret_str &= $str & '|'
        $str = ''

    return stringtrimright($ret_str,1)



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