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How to break out the class in DOM using autoit?

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Using the DOM stuff and need to pull out the innerTEXT of the class="sr tum"

Here is what I am using so far with negative results.. I don't see a command for _IEGetObjByClass but that is what it looks like I need. Can anyone push me in the right direction to get back on track...

Local $oDiv = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "sr tum")
Local $oJob = _IEPropertyGet($oDiv, "innertext")
ConsoleWrite($oJob & @CRLF) ; Ans should be: [url=""][/url]

<a id="rss1" onmouseup="return href="[url=""][/url]">
<div class="rss1" aria-label="Result today" role="button" tabindex="0">
<div class="sr tum">
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You can figure it out from this...

Local $odivs = _IETagnameGetCollection($o_htmlfile, 'DIV')
    if not isobj($odivs) then return seterror(-2)

    for $odiv in $odivs
        ConsoleWrite('!----  ' & 'id = ' & $  & ' classname= ' & $odiv.classname  &  ' title = ' & $odiv.title & @LF)
        if $odiv.classname = 'mod-content' then ConsoleWrite($odiv.innertext & @LF)


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