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Debug, gives information about a variable

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#include <z.au3>
Global $iShow = 2
Global $iDisabled = 0
; Global $iDisabled = -12

Global $aArray[3][2] = [[1, 2],[3, 4],[5, 'Example']]
z($aArray, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $aArray[2] = [1, 'Example']
z($aArray, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $bBinary = Binary('0x00204060')
z($bBinary, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $fBoolean = False
z($fBoolean, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $hWnd = WinGetHandle('[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]')
z($hWnd, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $hPointer = Ptr(-1)
z($hPointer, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $iInt = 1
z($iInt, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $nFloat = 2.0
z($nFloat, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $sString = 'Some text'
z($sString, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $vKeyword = Default
z($vKeyword, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $vKeyword = DllStructCreate('wchar[256]')
z($vKeyword, $iShow+$iDisabled)
Global $oObject = ObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary")
z($oObject, $iShow+$iDisabled)

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