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IE Link object (obtain link text)

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Just trying to get the text in an <a> tag

<a id="3734" href="#">Tuesday, March 12, 2013</a>

I want to obtain Tuesday, March 12, 2013 from the link.

Given my link object array is $aLinks,

$aLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oTarget)
for $link in $aLinks
  if StringInStr($link.href, "http://URLtextToSearch") then
    ConsoleWrite($link.text & @CRLF)

at least I thought .text was the correct property but it's not. And my command works as I've tested it with ConsoleWrite($link.href & @CRLF) and $link.id as well

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It's not .text but .innerHTML


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I use routines similar to this for debugging sites that I scrape. The source in this example is a simple text file downloaded by inetget.

#include <IE.au3>

local $fln = 'k:\sd\sd0100\nba\boxes\400440940'         ; this is a text file downloaded with inetget

_get_links( fileread($fln) )
ConsoleWrite(@error & @LF)

func _get_links($html)

    Local $o_htmlfile = ObjCreate('HTMLFILE'), $str
    If Not IsObj($o_htmlfile) Then Return SetError(-1)


    Local $ocol = _IETagnameGetCollection($o_htmlfile, 'a')
    if not isobj($ocol) then return seterror(-2)

    for $o in $ocol
        ConsoleWrite('innertext = ' & $o.innertext & @LF)
        ConsoleWrite('href      = ' & $o.href & @LF)
        ConsoleWrite('-----------------------' & @LF)



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