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Run Function located in main script from included sub script

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lets say i have my main script main.au3, that among other things contains this:


func logg($TextToLog)

FileWrite("log.txt", $TextToLog)


Is there anyway that a function located in subscript.au3 can run the logg function from main.au3?

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It isn't a best practice, but when you think how the #include works you can give the answer yourself. :)

All #include files are placed at the locations of the #include statements before the execution of the script starts!


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Including the main script in the sub script?

The idea had crossed my mind but i was hoping there was a neater way to do it.

What is your general tip for situations like this, where you need multiple subscripts to do the same functions.

Simply putting the needed function in all subscripts?

Making one subscript that has all shared functions and including it in all subscripts?

Something more clever?

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This looks like a logging function that may be called repeatedly and/or from different places. This is the function that should be in an include file and then called from wherever you like.


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