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[TCPListen] Get connected IP Address?

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Still working on my terminal program, and a thought came to me. I've created a TCP server and something connects to it, how do I find out the IP address of what has connected to it? There are no functions that I can find that give me any information about the connected socket. I searched the forum but didn't find anything.

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Func _TCP_Server_ClientIP($hSocket)
    Local $pSocketAddress, $aReturn
    $pSocketAddress = DllStructCreate("short;ushort;uint;char[8]")
    $aReturn = DllCall("ws2_32.dll", "int", "getpeername", "int", $hSocket, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($pSocketAddress), "int*", DllStructGetSize($pSocketAddress))
    If @error Or $aReturn[0] <> 0 Then Return $hSocket
    $aReturn = DllCall("ws2_32.dll", "str", "inet_ntoa", "int", DllStructGetData($pSocketAddress, 3))
    If @error Then Return $hSocket
    $pSocketAddress = 0
    Return $aReturn[0]
EndFunc ;==>_TCP_Server_ClientIP

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