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Ping Script

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I am new and exploring, Auto it, i was by some examples able to write a simple program, but i need some little understanding

Here is script





Local $begin=TimerInit()

Send("ping -t{Enter}")


Local $dif=TimerDiff($begin)


I originally did not have WinWaitActive("")and i would get ng -t and of course disaster, but i wanted to know why, this occured, i run a Vista Machine, is it due to the fact that my operating system is slow.

One more question, when i do not close this window, and i run the script again, the sleep function seems to be passive, any reason.


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From the help:

Local $var = Ping("www.AutoItScript.com", 250)
If $var Then; also possible:  If @error = 0 Then ...
    MsgBox(0, "Status", "Online, roundtrip was:" & $var)
    MsgBox(0, "Status", "An error occured with number: " & @error)

And also you can use Run for call directly cmd and the parameter without using Sleep, WinWait etc.

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Thank you very much for the reply. I am a newbie so everything exites me. So i was think how i can open a file and then and see the laptop do it, my purpose was only not to run a ping :) . But in either case, could you tell me any place where i can find a keywords for this like it did not no ping existed. .


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