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(Control-)Click non-standard control somehow possible?

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Hi everyone.

I'm trying to click a certain button inside a window, which does not seem to be a standard control.

I checked it with the Autoit Window Info and with Control Viewer. All I know is that it is placed inside another control.

Posted Image

So as you see I am talking about the yellow folder button.

I already tried:

ControlClick("[CLASS:TAnimationForm]","","[CLASS:TPanel; INSTANCE:2]","left",19,221)

Which worked perfectly in a very similar scenario (for some weird reason) but here I can't click the icon.

In case there really is no way of finding the control, is there any workaround that would allow me to hide the window and still click the button?

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If it is a custom control where identifying it by some object property is impossible, it looks unique enough to the window to do an ImageSearch or some PixelSearch / PixelChecksum routine to find the folder image position... perhaps.


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Remove the pixed coords of the control click, that's obviously ouside the the Rect bounds of the control...ControlClick defaults to click the center of the control. I'd check if the ID remains constant between launches also, and use that to identify- if it doesn't change.

Edit: You probably have issues with the zorder of the controls, so you aren't focusing on the button, but instead the 'panel' that should be behind it...use something like this to find your control (insert your window-handle into the function call):

#include <Array.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>

Func Var_GetAllWindowsControls2($hCallersWindow)
 ; Get all list of controls
 $sClassList = WinGetClassList($hCallersWindow)
 ; Create array
 $aClassList = StringSplit($sClassList, @CRLF, 2)
 ; Sort array
 _ArrayDelete($aClassList, 0)
 ; Loop
 $iCurrentClass = ""
 $iCurrentCount = 1
 $iTotalCounter = 1
 For $i = 0 To UBound($aClassList) - 1
  If $aClassList[$i] = $iCurrentClass Then
   $iCurrentCount += 1
   $iCurrentClass = $aClassList[$i]
   $iCurrentCount = 1
  $hControl = ControlGetHandle($hCallersWindow, "", "[CLASSNN:" & $iCurrentClass & $iCurrentCount & "]")
  $text = StringRegExpReplace(ControlGetText($hCallersWindow, "", $hControl),"[\n\r]","[email="{@CRLF"]{@CRLF[/email]}")
  $aPos = ControlGetPos($hCallersWindow, "", $hControl)
  $sControlID = _WinAPI_GetDlgCtrlID($hControl)
  If IsArray($aPos) Then
   ConsoleWrite("ControlCounter=[" & $iTotalCounter & "] ControlID=[" & $sControlID & "] Handle=[" & $hControl & "] ClassNN=[" & $iCurrentClass & $iCurrentCount & "] XPos=[" & $aPos[0] & "] YPos=[" & $aPos[1] & "] Width=[" & $aPos[2] & "] Height=[" & $aPos[3] & "] Text=[" & $text & "]." & @CRLF)
   ConsoleWrite("ControlCounter=[" & $iTotalCounter & "] ControlID=[" & $sControlID & "] Handle=[" & $hControl & "] ClassNN=[" & $iCurrentClass & $iCurrentCount & "] XPos=[winclosed] YPos=[winclosed] Width=[winclosed] Height=[winclosed] Text=[" & $text & "]." & @CRLF)
  If Not WinExists($hCallersWindow) Then ExitLoop
Edited by jdelaney

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