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Dllcall loop with delay

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I would like to display the actual CPU frequency in my app.

To determine the CPU frequency I use an external Dll to read the CPU TSC register.

The update rate of 1 second would be more than enough, however I cannot figure out how to "loop" the dllcall without locking the other functionality of the GUI (the GUI is unresponsive if the call is looped).

$TSCInit = DllCall($DLL, "dword", "Rdtsc", "dword*", "", "dword*", "")
$TSCTerm = DllCall($DLL, "dword", "Rdtsc", "dword*", "", "dword*", "")
$TSCInitHi = Hex($TSCInit[2], 8)
$TSCInitLo = Hex($TSCInit[1], 8)
$TSCTermHi = Hex($TSCTerm[2], 8)
$TSCTermLo = Hex($TSCTerm[1], 8)
$TSCInitHiLo = $TSCInitHi&$TSCInitLo
$TSCInitHiLo = Dec($TSCInitHiLo)
$TSCTermHiLo = $TSCTermHi&$TSCTermLo
$TSCTermHiLo = Dec($TSCTermHiLo)
$TSC = $TSCTermHiLo - $TSCInitHiLo
$TSC = $TSC * 5
$TSC = $TSC / 1000000
$TSC = Round($TSC, 2)

This loop requires a fixed delay (to determine how much the TSC increases).

Also since I want to use as little resources as possible, I would like to set the "polling rate" to 1 second.

Is there any way to loop this call without "freezing" to other functionality of the GUI?


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#2 ·  Posted (edited)


You might try using an adlib to run your monitoring function.


edit: just for grins...not calling an external prog but demonstrates the principle

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#Include <WinAPIEx.au3>


local $gui010   =   guicreate('')
local $aSize    =   wingetclientsize($gui010)
local $lbl010   =   guictrlcreatelabel('',10,$aSize[0]-50,$aSize[1]-20,30,bitor($ss_sunken,$ss_centerimage,$ss_center))
local $btn010   =   guictrlcreatebutton('Press Me While The ADLIB is Running To Test Responsivness',10,$aSize[0]-150,$aSize[1]-20,30)


while 1
    switch guigetmsg()
        case $gui_event_close
        case $btn010
            ConsoleWrite('Yep, responsive...' & @LF)

func _process_time()

    $aPTime = _WinAPI_GetProcessTimes(@AutoItPID)
    guictrlsetdata($lbl010,'Sample at ' & @min & ':' & @sec &  '    Kernel Time = ' & $aPTime[1] & '           User Mode Time = ' & $aPTime[2])

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