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Animated Taskbar Image

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking in these forums for a long time, and I just recently decided to post a simple little thing I made that creates an animated taskbar image. There's nothing complex or special about it really. It's just one of the first times I've ever bothered to compile anything to an exe, and I think it's neat :P Forgive me if I've violated any rules by posting links to image downloads or external sites. I checked the forum rules sticky, and I didn't see anything about it in there. I'm not sure if there's a more comprehensive rules post somewhere that I should have already read. Just let me know if I've committed any faux pas here.

The images are modified versions of an iPhone modification posted by HeruLuingil here:


I've shared the modified icon images in a zip on my Google Drive:


It's set up to be fully packaged once compiled. It will create a directory at c:\spiralicon full of the icon images. To use it, you'll have to change "trayicon\BatteryBG_*.ico" to wherever you put the pictures in the zip file.

Here's the code:

Global $count=4
Global $switch=1

FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_1.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_1.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_2.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_2.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_3.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_3.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_4.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_4.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_5.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_5.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_6.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_6.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_7.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_7.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_8.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_8.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_9.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_9.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_10.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_10.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_11.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_11.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_12.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_12.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_13.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_13.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_14.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_14.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_15.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_15.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_16.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_16.ico", 1)
FileInstall("trayicon\BatteryBG_17.ico", "C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_17.ico", 1)

While 1
While $switch=1
If $count<17 Then
TraySetIcon("C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_" & $count & ".ico")
TraySetIcon("C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_" & $count & ".ico")
While $switch=2
If $count>4 Then
TraySetIcon("C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_" & $count & ".ico")
TraySetIcon("C:\spiralicon\BatteryBG_" & $count & ".ico")

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