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ControlSend Issues

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ControlSetText($window, "", 1038, "")
  ControlSetText($window, "", 1038, $macro)
  ControlSend($window, "", 1038, "{ENTER}")

I am using the above code to send change input bar text and then use enter to send it, this is inside a while loop.

I need it to basically do that action on a minimized window, this works fine but has a few cons.

At first, capslock was flickering so I added Opt("SendCapslockMode", 0), which solved that issue.

My other issue is that it messes up with ctrl/shift and double clicking.

Sometimes when I hold down ctrl/shift and it's like it isn't held down, I notice it with ctrl+c/v mostly.

And double clicking just doesn't always work.

If I remove those sleep(100)s, it'll be far more noticable.

I'd like to know if there's any solutions/workarounds to those issues.


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Seems to be an effective workaround.

Whenever shift, alt, ctrl or mouse buttons are used, I just prevent send from working, it's not exactly a fix but it is a nice workaround.

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