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How to MouseMove many times VERY QUICKLY

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It seems that MouseMove has a delay between each MouseMove call.

I'm aware of the speed parameter, which has been set to 0, so movement is instant.

However even if I call MouseMove repeatedly within a While-loop, there seems to be a significant delay between each call.

How can I reduce this delay?

; An example:
For $x = 0 To 100
    For $y = 0 To 100
        MouseMove($x, $y, 0)

I'd like for the above code to scan over the 100x100 pixel area in a matter of a couple seconds.

Currently it takes many many many minutes.

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Figured it out. For anybody else interested, this does the trick!

AutoItSetOption ( "WinWaitDelay", 10 )

WinWaitDelay Alters how long a script should briefly pause after a successful window-related operation.

Time in milliseconds to pause (default=250).

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