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Can I do this ???

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I use an application daily that opens many many windows, and within this application, I can control what appears in the windows' titlebars.

I would like to create an application which can group these windows for me based on what is displayed in the titlebar.

I can build an app in c# that can open a "Frame" window for me. I would like to open these "Frame" windows, and then use AutoIt to grab certain windows on my desktop, and resize them to fit into the "Frame" windows based on what is present in the TitleBar.

If I move the Frame window, then the enclosed windows must follow. if I resize the Frame window, then the enclosed windows must resize to fit.

Can this be done? I get a sense that it CAN be done, but I lack the time to read through all of your forums to determine this.

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Hi, TikDaddy. Yes, it can be done (the how depends on what type of windows: embedded IE pages, desktop apps, etc.). I will warn you that this is a "help" forum in the true sense of the word. You seem to be pushed for time, so should be aware that we assist folks who want to learn how to do things for themselves; we do not spoon feed code to people. To begin with, if you can give us some more detail about the type of applications you're trying to manipulate, we can point you to the correct resources in the help file to get you started.

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Thanks JL

The help that I needed right now was merely to know if it was possible, and I really do understand that you guys shouldn't be asked questions that are readily answered with a little research. Typically, I don't do that, but I try to avoid an afternoon digging through volumes of documentaion, only to find out that it can't be done. So, I always start out by asking !!

The application is NinjaTrader, and like I pointed out, I can name the windows to make them "findable".

Thanks for answering. I'll start digging soon.

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Hi, TikDaddy. I don't use NinjaTrader, but as I mentioned you should be able to embed it in a GUI if that is your goal. If you're just on the NinjaTrader website, and using web pages, I would suggest looking at _IECreateEmbedded in the help file. If you're looking to manipulate their desktop app, take a look at the script below that I use for Office docs, it may point you in the right direction.

;Stolen shamelessly from SvenP and modified for my own use - Thanks SvenP!
#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$file = @ScriptDir & "\Word.docx"
$oWordDoc = ObjGet($file)

if IsObj($oWordDoc) then
    GUICreate ( "Embedded Object Test", 640, 580)
    $GUI_ActiveX    = GUICtrlCreateObj    ( $oWordDoc, 1, 150, 638 , 405 )
    GUISetState ()
    While 1
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()
            Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    GUIDelete ()

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I spent a little time with the docs and I've got to say that the language looks much more capable than I remember it a few years ago. I was thinking that I would need to create the Framing windows with Studio, but it looks like AutoIt may be able to handle the automation and create the framing windows as well. Nice.

It looks as if I can create a ToolBar from which I can select which window in a frame will snap to the front. Nice again.

Thanks for the help. If I pursue this, I'll let you know how it's going.

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