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parsing a file name

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my need is to extract the last word from a file name. He is an example:

AR123 score v1 GM111n1.txt

how can I get GM111n1 from the file name. Thanks for any help you are willing to provide.

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Hi, sbrady. There are a number of ways to do what you want. Is the portion you are going to remove always the same length? Are there always the same number of characters before the portion you want to pull out? Is it always a .txt file? Are they always separated by a space? The answer to these questions affect how you would go about it. Just one example, if the portion you want is always the last bit, and they're always separated by a space, you could do this:

Local $aArray = StringSplit("AR123 score v1 GM111n1.txt", " ")
MsgBox(0, "", StringTrimRight($aArray[4], 4))

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Given your string, this is slightly more flexible in that the number of words in the file does not need to be known. However, there is NO way to provide a complete solution without the answers to JL's questions.

local $str = 'AR123 score v1 GM111n1.txt'
local $aRet = stringregexp($str,'\s+(\w+)\.',3)
ConsoleWrite($aRet[0] & @LF)


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