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How to read value of static memory address?

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Hey guys,

I would like to know how to read the value of a certain memory address.

I searched on the forums and googled around a bit, but could not find a clear answer.

The address I need to read the value of is a static address, and thus always stays the same. So I don't need to read it with pointers.

I found this thread which explains how to do it in example 1, but the example got removed and the thread locked...

What I am trying to do, is make a script that sends me an email when my antivirus has scanned a certain amount of files.

This way, I don't have to be at my computer to see how it is doing (when I receive an email I get a notification on my phone).

If this works, I am planning to improve the script so it will also include how many viruses have been detected and how long the scan has been running (because why the heck not :P).

This is what I already have. The AutoIt Code button doesn't seem to work so I am doing it with regular CODE tags.

ShellExecute("http://www.hotmail.com") ; Opens Hotmail in web browser.
MouseClick("left", 239, 103) ; Clicks 'New email'. ; You might have to adjust this.
Send("MyEmailAddress@hotmail.com{tab}") ; Enters the email address to send the email to.
Send("{tab}100.000 files have been scanned!") ; Enters the title.
Send("{tab}Microsoft Security Essentials has now scanned over 100.000 files!") ; Enters the message.
MouseClick("left", 239, 103) ; Clicks 'Send' ; Again, you might have to adjust this. The coordinates are the same as the ones for 'New Email'

I am using Microsoft Security Essentials, and the process is called msseces.exe.

The address of the value is 00B51F1 but I'm not sure if the address is the same for all computers though.

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In fact it's really simple, here you go :

#include "NomadMemory.au3"

Local $hProcess = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("msseces.exe"))

ConsoleWrite(_MemoryRead(0x00B51F1, $hProcess) & @CrLf)


Br, FireFox.

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