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Custom HotKeySet - Confusion

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So what i would like to do is, set a hotkey for the two left buttons on my mouse.

On a webroswer, that make the page go "back or forward".

HotKeySet ( "key" , "function" )

key - The key combination to use as the hotkey. Same format as Send().

So, Does this mean if i know the Hex number of my key. I can HotKeySet it ?

Which brings me to my next confusion.

Send ( "keys" [, flag] )

To send UNICODE characters enter the character code (decimal or hex), for example this sends a Chinese character
Send("{ASC 2709}") or Send("{ASC 0xA95}")

Which sends ò

but when i check the appendix helpfile on Ascii characterss

ò = 210 Dec, D2  Hex, 322 Oct. Not the 2709 or 0xA95 listed above.

So in summary. I am lost ^^

**Extra. The Hex key for the forward / back on the mouse is 0x06 and 0x05. Though finding out how to implement that into the hotkeyset is what i am really after.

After i posted this. I had the idea of starting small, and working up.

Works Fine.

HotKeySet("{1}", "Test")

While sleep(1000)

Func Test()

Doesn't work. Asc 49 is 1 though?

HotKeySet("{Asc 49}", "Test")

While sleep(1000)

Func Test()
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