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What is wrong with my send?

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So i made a script on a different computer and when trying to run on this one it gives me a problem

here is a little piece of the code:

Local $SomeWindow = "WindowName"


i realize everytime it reaches LEFT it doesnt work , or if i use send() it doesnt work ?

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Some programs resist automation.  I know of a few specific workarounds.  What are you trying to automate?

yea but i made the script work on one computer but when i went on another it didnt work ? its not so much the program but the computer right?

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Different OS?

Is the one that isn't working running the program as Admin?

In other words: Information is essential when you want us to help you. ;)


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akerr95, how about a screenshot of the application, or its name (as has been asked a couple of times now). Help us help you.

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