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Disable themes/visual styles in your script

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Just for your information: :whistle:

If you want to use some specific GUI-color-commands and have Visual Styles/Themes (not XP-Classic-Theme) enabled they sometimes will not work.

One possibility is to turn off the using of visual styles with a small "DllCall"-command in your script.

The best is if you place it at the beginning of your script before showing a GUI.

More infos also are here available:


; Functionality :
; just info about possibility to turn of theme-using in scripts/compiled-exe with using GUI stuff

$nFlag = 0  ; Visual styles are completely disabled in the running script
; $nFlag = 1; Nonclient areas of the GUI can use visual styles
; $nFlag = 2; Controls can use visual styles (like Buttons, Progressbar, Group-ctrl's, etc.)
; $nFlag = 4; Web content displayed ??? (info from MSDN) can use visual styles
; These flags can be combined with BitOr(...)

DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", $nFlag)

Regards :dance:


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Nice !! I switched to classic theme, but I think this will be very useful to anyone who has a progress bar in their GUI :whistle:

Thanks :dance:


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