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how to use runwait command?

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Hello Experts,

Iam trying use the following code running installables one by one.




The problem iam having here is that once i run the script ,abc.exe is executing perfectly fine.

But it is leaving a Porcess called abc.exe in Taskmanager and the Script is getting paused meaning not moving to next line and doing the def.exe execution.

Is there any way i can kill the process after first installation so that second installation starts immedately after completion of first installation. or any other best methods?

I tried this  but no luck





Any suggestion would be of great help.

Best Regards,

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The RunWait function as stated in the helpfile, waits for the program to close.

If the program does not close automatically, you need to use the Run function and close it when you want using the WinWait/Send/ControlSend functions.

Br, FireFox.

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Well, the schema is the following :

1. Run the setup

2. Wait for it to finish

3. Close it

Run(... ;setup path

WinWait("Setup - Finished") ;your setup title (if this last changes its title when finished)
ControlClick(... ;close button
ProcessClose(... ;setup pid
Br, FireFox. Edited by FireFox
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I wrote like this for the command but it did not work, It is getting stopped at the window ,you can see in the attachment


WinWait("ADW165_KIT2_SPC - InstallShield Wizard", "InstallShield Wizard Completed")

WinActivate("ADW165_KIT2_SPC - InstallShield Wizard", "InstallShield Wizard Completed")



Please see the image .


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