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ShellExecute fails with $CmdLine parameters filled by drag & drop

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I'd liked to pass a list of files by dragging and dropping them over a first script which, in turn, pass them as parameters of a ShellExecute() to a second script.

Total operation looks like:

Drag & drop of file_path_list -> CallTarget.au3 -> Target1.au3

Code of CallTarget.au3 is straightforward:

Const $STOP_ICON = 0x10

Dim $sParam = ""
If ($CmdLine[0] > 0) Then $sParam = $CmdLine[1]

; The same path, but put in the text code, works!
;$sParam = "C:\TMP\PROGRAM\AutoIt\BugRun\File1.txt"

Dim $nCodeShellExec
$nCodeShellExec = ShellExecute("Target1.au3", $sParam)
If NOT $nCodeShellExec Then MsgBox($STOP_ICON, @ScriptName, "ShellExecute() error #" & @error)

but it throws a system error in a modal dialog box:

   "The file "Target1.au3" cannot be found"

Followed by the AutoIt error:

   "ShellExecute() error #1"

I rewrote the script in VBScript to get the same error:

   "Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
   Code: 80070002"

It's incredible, but if I write out the path in the text code, it works!

After some search on the Net, I only found that:


"Bug 292381 - Calligra StartApp.vbs"

Has anyone already heard something about this "bug"? Thanks for your reply.


Code for Target1.au3:

Const $INFO_ICON = 0x40

If ($CmdLine[0] > 0) Then MsgBox($INFO_ICON, @ScriptName, $CmdLine[1])

To experiment with the "bug", you need those three files in a temp. directory:
Drag and drop File1.txt over CallTarget.au3.

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Maybe you could supply the full path and file name to the shellexecute function and see if that works.

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Yes, you're right. I replaced ShellExecute() by Run():

Dim $nRunRetCode
$nRunRetCode = Run("""C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe"" Target1.au3 " & $sParam)
If NOT $nRunRetCode Then MsgBox($STOP_ICON, @ScriptName, "Run() error #" & @error)

and got the error message:

   Line 0 (File "C:Target1.au3")
   Error: Error opening the file

There is the issue: when you pass some parameters got by drag & drop, the script engine looks for the script to execute/to run in the root directory. Otherwise, it looks in the current directory.

Fill in the optional parameter "workingdir" of the ShellExecute() or Run() functions tames the problem.

Problem solved.

@BrewManNH : thanks for your reply.

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It's always wise to give the full path.

i.e. using @ScriptDir or whatever the file location is.

  • $nCodeShellExec = ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & "Target1.au3", $sParam)

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