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Binary( )conversion fail on file opened in 'text' mode

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I found that using  Binary(FileRead($x)) with FileOpen($x) can cause failed reads (blank) on systems that use 2byte per letter text encoding.

It's not clearly stated in the help file that the default mode for FileOpen() is text and should not be used to read binary data. Or, this may be a bug in Autoit.

I in this example, $data should return "FF000000" through "C00000", but as you can see from my screen shot, it returns empty reads between FD and DF. This seems to happen on computers set to 2byte per letter text encodings.


Local $data

For $i = 1 to 0xff
$data= Binary($i) & Binary($data)

$file = FileOpen(@WorkingDir & "\.example_DELETE.txt",2)
FileWrite($file, $data)

$data = ""
For $i = 1 To 0xff
$data = Binary($data) & Binary(FileRead($file,1))




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I'll just add, if you live in the US and have had programs fail when sent overseas to unicode etc users, this issue may be the culprit.

 When I changed my code to use "forced binary" FileOpen($x,16), the problem went away.  

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