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You are missing "Func " before the function name.

EDIT: Also, if you are trying to go from PID to window name, shouldn't the returned value be "Return $WList[$i][0]" ?

EDIT2: Haha, yeah no need for redundant wingettitle function, just return the title from the list

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Oh, ok, do not tell anyone right?

The Remark of WinList Func

If no title and text is given then all top-level windows are returned.

The array returned is two-dimensional and is made up as follows:
$array[0][0] = Number of windows returned
$array[1][0] = 1st window title
$array[1][1] = 1st window handle (HWND)
$array[2][0] = 2nd window title
$array[2][1] = 2nd window handle (HWND)
$array[n][0] = nth window title
$array[n][1] = nth window handle (HWND)

I think the right now is:


Without a Func

Thanks man!

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