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INetGet not working under Windows 7

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Hello autoitees

So this is my deployment script for McAfee Agent. It works flawlessly on XP, on 7 however it gets stuck.. It doesn't download the agent file anyway, is there a way to track where it gets stuck and why ?

Step-by-step the progress was, on 7, that it successfully checks for OS version, adds firewall exception and that's it. FramePkg isn't anywhere. First I thought perhaps C:Temp is protected somehow under 7, so I tried @desktopdir and @tempdir too. No change.

As for the 9 in the of InetGet.. I didn't use any additional parameters at first, just remote and local file, added it later. Didn't change anything.

If I copy the full ftp address to IE, it downloads the fail as it should.

;Check if XP or 7
$oscheck = RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion", "ProductName")
   If $oscheck = "Microsoft Windows XP" Then
      ;Add XP firewall exception for program
      RunAsWait("admin_user",".","admin_pass",0,@ComSpec & " /c netsh firewall add allowedprogram C:\TEMP\Agent_Deployment_Script.exe ADS ENABLE","",@SW_HIDE)
   ElseIf $oscheck = "Windows 7 Professional" Then
      ;Add 7 firewall exception for program
      RunAs("admin_user",".","admin_pass",0,@ComSpec & " /c netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=ADS dir=in profile=any action=allow program=C:\TEMP\Agent_Deployment_Script.exe enable=yes","",@SW_HIDE)
;Download latest Agent
InetGet("ftp://ftpuser:ftppass@ftp.domain.xx/Current/EPOAGENT3000/Install/0409/FramePkg.exe", "C:\TEMP\FramePkg.exe", 9)
If $oscheck = "Microsoft Windows XP" Then
   ;If Windows Security window appears
   If WinActive("Windows Security Alert") Then
   ;Click OK
   ControlClick("Windows Security Alert","","Button2")
;Run Agent as administrator
RunAs("admin_user",".","admin_pass",0,@ComSpec & " /c C:\TEMP\FramePkg.exe /install=agent /CustomProps1=""customprop""","",@SW_HIDE)

Update1 I made a separate single lined autoit executable containing the INetGet line and that didn't work either, has to be something wrong with that line of code.

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