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TFTP Client & Server

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Hello all :),

This Topic is to continue the topic from "General Help and Support" > '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> , LarryDalooza was right, this might fit better this forum...

So for those who don't wish to read the previous posts from genral help and support:

I'm trying to make a TFTP client and server implementation, just for my own amusement (and offcurse to improve my skills with AutoIT and RFC based protocol implementation).

Unfortunatly I don't have much time to work in this durring the week, I only have time for this kind of "hobby" projects in the weekends. For those who are intersted in this example of protocol implementation I will post here the current state of the project as well as source files for it.

- I try to implement to whole thing (both client and server) in a single UDF.

- Test requirements: you will need to install a working copy of tftpd32: http://tftpd32.jounin.net/tftpd32_download.html

here is what I got so far:

_TFTP.au3 <- the TFP UDF, I know it still has bugs, this is the current working version, currently it only handels file downloads (RRQ's) also for "safety" reasons it adds the "DLD_" filename prefix to downloaded file names, so it can be runned from the tftp32 directory without over writing files, still I would sugest to put the au3 files in a different directory than the tftp32

2.au3 <- a small example on how to use this UDF

!! keep in mind: the UDF is still a work in progress in which currently only the RRQ feature works and still dosen't handels all the TFTP parameters/responses correctly, so far it only works with tftp32 correctly!

Hope you enjoy this, I will try to post an update (and improved code) in every weekend till I finally finish this UDF :)



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I found issues using this UDF when the remote file was in a subfolder.

It was not in the request but in the writing out the response.  I changed a line in _TFTP_DATA:

$WriteOutTo = FileOpen($FileLocalPath & "\" & $TFTPGetFilename, 2)


$WriteOutTo = FileOpen($FileLocalPath & "\" & StringMid( $TFTPGetFilename, StringInStr( $TFTPGetFilename, "\", 0, -1 ) + 1 ), 2)

So downloading the remote file:  subfolder\filetoget.txt will download in your local target path as filetoget.txt.

Otherwise, you would have had to pre-created the subfolder in your local target path to make it work.

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