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Feasibility of AUTOIT and Silverlight Interaction

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Hi I have looked but haven't seen an answer to the following question.

I am creating and Out-OF-Browser Silverlight application that is using AUTOIT to open up a website in IE then populate some fields, click some stuff etc. 

I am looking to take some data back from the webpage into my Silverlight application.  I know how to get the data from the page, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect AUTOIT with Silverlight.  i have tried the following:

Local $cHandle = WinGetHandle("CashRegister Application")

Local $abc = ControlGetHandle($cHandle,"","[x:Name:btnCreditDone]")

ControlSetText("CashRegister Application","","[x:Name:txbCreditExp]","Text Changed to this Now!!")

ControlSetText("CashRegister Application","",$abc,"Text Changed to this Now!!")

ControlSend("CashRegister Application","",$abc,"Text Changed to this Now!!")

WinActivate($cHandle,"CashRegister Application")


But have not been able to get the text to show up....All i need to do is get the values to my app.  I don't even need to present them to the user per say.

Thanks in advance!

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