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Problem with _IECreate()

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Hello everyone!


First, I apologize for my English, I do my best!


I'm posting a topic here, because I have a problem with _IECreate().

I developed a program that allows to automatically authenticate an user to an hotspot. The script checks to a specified interval (every 10 seconds) if the user is logged in or not and for that, I use _IECreate ().


The problem is : The Internet Explorer window is supposed to be hidden for the user convenience, but unfortunately, sometimes she appears for no reason, while $ f_visible is set to 0, as shown in the documentation (I have Internet Explorer 10 & Windows 7). And what's more, when this happens, the window opens several times (because of the interval of 10 seconds) when it should not, because $ f_tryAttach is set to 1.


Maybe _IEErrorHandlerRegister is the cause of the problem, to be honest I do not really know how it works. The basic idea was to get more informations in case of problems.


I come here hoping to find help, because I'm racking my brains to find the source of the problem, but I can't find anything conclusive.


Thank you all for reading, here's is a simple example of how it work.



#include <IE.au3>

$oIEErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","MyErrFunc")
$Begin = TimerInit()

While 1

   If TimerDiff($Begin) > 10000 Then
      $Begin = TimerInit()


Func AutoLogin()

; -----------------------------------------------------------

$Visibility = 0                               ; Window visibility (0 : Hidden / 1 : Visible)
$Url = "http://www.wikipedia.org/"            ; TEST Url
$oIE = _IECreate($Url, 1, $Visibility, 1, 1)


Func MyErrFunc($oIEErrorHandler)

    Local $HexNumber
    Local $strMsg

    $HexNumber = Hex($oIEErrorHandler.Number, 8)
    $strMsg = "Error Number: " & $HexNumber & @CRLF
    $strMsg &= "WinDescription: " & $oIEErrorHandler.WinDescription & @CRLF
    $strMsg &= "Script Line: " & $oIEErrorHandler.ScriptLine & @CRLF
    MsgBox(0, "ERROR", $strMsg)

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 # Problem solved by using _IECreateEmbedded() instead of _IECreate():bye:

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