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Send key combonations like '^s' and '!l' doesn't work

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I've got a problem width sending key combinations like '^s', '!l' etc. I wrote a simple script:


I've got 3 PCs: Win8, Win7 and Win7 notebook. The first two are ok. But the script doesn't work at Win7 notebook. If I write Send("^s"), it sends only "s". If I send Ctrl+s manually using keyboard - it works fine.
The same for "!l", "!f", "^a", "^v" etc. It happens only at win7 notebook. Win7 and Win8 PCs are OK.

I also tried something like "{CTRL down}s{CTRL up}" - it doesn't work too.

Can anyone help me?

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The problem is solved. 
Just set default language English in windows language settings.

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