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Windows 8 start key

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OK so for like the 50th time I died playing a video game because I accidentally hit the windows start screen button (in windows 8) instead of Alt.  I almost took a screw driver and ripped out the key but than it occurred to me I could block it very easy using Autoit.  Does anyone know how I "Hotkeyset" the windows 8 button?


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Here you go :

#Include <HotKey.au3> ;http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/90492-hotkey-udf/
#Include <vkConstants.au3>
_HotKey_Assign($VK_LWIN, "_MyFunc")
While 1
Func _MyFunc()
EndFunc   ;==>_MyFunc
Important notes :

-You need to edit the UDF to block the Windows' key: at the line 566 you should have this: "Case 0x5B, 0x5C", add this "Return -1" in the Case statement.

-It will block any Windows' key combination, not the key itself.

-The HotKey assigned in the script has no importance, the modified Case will always be called in spite of the keys assigned (when you press one of the Windows' key).

Br, FireFox.

Edited by FireFox


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Excellent!  Thank you so much for your help.  I decided to do a winwaitactive thing so I can put it as part of my boot menu and have it disable the key whenever the "World of Warcraft" window is open.

My arena team thanks you ;-)

Edited by boogieoompa

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