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@workingDir doesn't work?

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So I've been using AutoIT for years now, but there's something that's always puzzles me: How come @workingDir, or even the "workingDir" variable of ShellExecute (to name one function), NEVER work?

For example, I can call a FileChangeDir("C:Not_My_Script_Dir") to any directory, and then immediately after calling, output @workingDir, and it will always be the same as @scriptDir.

Or I have an application that only works within it's directory (say if I'm making a call to a powershell script) and I pass the directory of a script into ShellExecute so I have something like ShellExecute("powershell", ".script.ps1", "C:Not_My_Script_Dir")

What's blocking this from working? I'd love for some help.



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Run the following:

ConsoleWrite(@workingdir & @LF)
dircreate(@scriptdir & '\test')
filechangedir(@scriptdir & '\test')
ConsoleWrite(@WorkingDir & @LF)

Some functions, FileOpenDilaog for example, also set the current working directory.


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Here's what I have that's causing issues:

$installArray[$i][1] = @ScriptDir & "\" & $installArray[$i][1]

$tempStringAr = StringSplit($installArray[$i][1], "\")
$workingDir = $tempStringAr[1]
For $j = 2 to $tempStringAr[0] - 1
     $workingDir = $workingDir & "\" & $tempStringAr[$j]

LogFile("--INFO: Working Dir is: " & $workingDir)
LogFile("--INFO: Working dir is: " & @WorkingDir)

LogFile() is a function that writes to console, and to an output log.
element 1 of the 2nd dimension of my 2D array is a path to an installer. I append "@scriptDir"  to it, to get a full working path, and then I strip the last "" off (the .exe or .msi portion) to get the directory of the installer. I do this using a For;Next loop and iterate through each element, appending a "". Now when I print my variable "$workingDir" I get the directory I expect. I then pass it into FileChangeDir, but my @workingDir never gets changed.

Your code snippet worked for me, but for some reason, my code doesn't 

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