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Something that I can't figure out ...

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Nevermind, I think I've just been up too long.

Hope I'm not overlooking something.

Global Const $line = _
"      $this.Model.UpdateUserProperty('style.au3.32',    'back:' & $this.Model.GetEditBackColor()  & ',' & _" ; StringLen() = 104
                                                                                                         ^ Column 106
ConsoleWrite(StringLen($line) & @CRLF)

StringLen says that $line is 104 chars long.  Which is true.  When I place the caret after the underscore and in front of the closing quotation mark then SciTE reports the column as 106.  I thought they should be the same thing?

If remove the Tab that appears between "GetEditBackColor()" and the ampersand and replace them with two spaces (I have tabs set to two in SciTE) then StringLen will return 103 even though the string appears to be the same length.  This must have been some typo I made.

Edit: The forum seems to have changed the formatting.  Download this if interested:

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