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Simple Antivirus Test Tool

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Hey there, while I'm surfing I found a text method that tests your antivirus protection, I wrote it in a script:

; This script uses a fake virus method to test the antivirus.

#include <String.au3>
$Location = FileSaveDialog("Save to..", "", "All Files (*.*)", 2 + 16, "ANTIVIRUS_TEST_FILE.TEST")
If Not @error Then
    MsgBox(270384,"Antivirus Test Tool","The test file will be saved to:" & @CRLF  & $Location & @CRLF && @CRLF & "Saving may fail if your antivirus was running, you can pause the protecion first.")
    FileWrite($Location, _StringEncrypt(0, "E2CE9C596A1926F1830C8F8B75B6BCC8F45031C47FAACB4A5FE52D027969CD5E5477B78E3561E1AC45FD50AC6B25C3AE28C2EFD9EDD8D810821510132FDA1DC82A5BBD4C44D00F990622168DC3AF0CBB5615004C9B1F0AC2D82D5B957EBC442DE6099C1565EAC355E462ADB303588A354E5819690C18E4B0EF26B79AE02FCB13A2575FE5BB1348D1", "P@SSW0RD"))

Might be useful somehow. :ermm:

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