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$PAS1 = IniReadSection("config.ini", "section1")
If @error Then
MsgBox(4096, "", "Error occured, probably no INI file.")
For $i = 1 To $PAS1[0][0]
Send("& $par[$i][1] & ")

Doesn't work :whistle:

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how doesn't it work?

what does the ini file look like?

where are you sending the data?

What is this?

Send("& $par[$i][1] & ")

shouldn't it be?

Send("& $PAS1[$i][1] & ")

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Your comments don't work either...

HOW doesn't it work: Do you get an error message? Are you getting that MsgBox you have coded in?

SHOW us an example of the INI file: Actually copy and paste a sample of the INI you're working with and let us see it.

Providing us this information will help us try the script ourselves to see if we can figure out what the problem is. Any mook can post code like this...

For $i = 0 to 25

...and then whine that it doesn't work. But we can't help them because we don't know what the _Totally() and _Awesome() functions do. Just like in your case, we can't help you because we don't know what's in your INI file. Or what errors you're getting. Perhaps you don't have the INI in the right folder? Try specifying a full path to it.

And last, whether you want the $par variable or the $PAS1 variable, this piece of code won't work.

Send("& $par[$i][1] & ")

Putting quote marks (") around that text means it will try to actually print it exactly, giving you a string of text that says & $par[$i][1] & .

Try this:


In the future, remember, you have to help us, to help you.

*Edit: Typo

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