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WinWaitActivate ... do something if the window isn't found in 30 seconds ?


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Title says all... is it possible to do something if the window isn't found after 30 seconds ?

I'm writing a script that takes control of firefox to automate some stuff. But sometimes the bot miss a click or the computer was lagging when the bot sent the click so it stays stuck here waiting for WinWaitActivate... Would it be possible to send the click again if it gets stuck for 30 seconds ?

Something like that:


_WinWaitActivate("Google - Mozilla Firefox","")
MouseClick("left",97,435,1) ;click search

_WinWaitActivate("Google Search Results - Mozilla Firefox","")

If the "search results" window isn't found after 30 seconds, is it possible to send MouseClick again ?


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Have a look at the 3rd (last) parameter in the WinWaitActive command.

Use that, and some checks in a Loop, plus an escape from the Loop ... that last could even be time based (see the Timer functions).

Or if you only want to check once more, then don't use a loop, just repeat your code.

Look at WinActive and WinActivate and include them in your code (i.e. If WinActive ).

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Hi AnarchOi

as TheSaint said 3rd (last) parameter in the WinWaitActive command is your friend.

this way should do for you:

    _WinWaitActivate("Google - Mozilla Firefox", "")
    MouseClick("left", 97, 435, 1) ;click search

Until _WinWaitActivate("Google Search Results - Mozilla Firefox", "", 30)



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