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Google Voice JSON

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I'm working on a Google Voice UDF for AutoIt and ran into a small problem. I'm using the IE UDF and Google is pushing the JSON data with that "application/octet-stream" header or the "application/force-download" hack, that forces IE to prompt to download the file, rather than displaying it in the render area.

I'm expecting to be able to read the JSON data into an AutoIt variable.

I see a few options...

1.) Figure out how to do that with the IE UDF. Dale, it's been a bit since I last asked you for help.  :bye: 

2.) Use the WinHTTP stuffs with a custom cookie container of some sort.


Should I use the IE UDF or try going a different route?

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I prefer to make the request directly using Inet.au3.  Here is a set of scripts heavily based on the work of other forum contributors and mangled by yours truly.  I only take credit for the mangling.

This will give you the raw request data instead of a file download.

; untested usage example
#include "HTTP.au3"

Local $aResponse[3]
$aResponse = HTTP_Request('http://google.com', "", "", "", "", "", "")


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