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how to check two Div numbers against one another?

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hi, i am just wondering how can i set these two numbers up against eachother?

and the highest number gets written down?

i am a semi-newb when it comes to Au3 coding, and it has been a  year since last time 

two nummbers, the Class ID will be the same, just the "%" will change
<div class="positions_sentiment_positionType_percentage positions_sentiment_positionType1_percentage">78%</div>
<div class="positions_sentiment_positionType_percentage positions_sentiment_positionType2_percentage">22%</div>
iv been able to exstract the data with this code
For $div In $divs
    If $div.className == "positions_sentiment_positionType_percentage positions_sentiment_positionType1_percentage" Then

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The _Max func in the integrated udf Math.au3 should work

Else (also works if more than 2 values)

#include <Array.au3>

$str = '<div class="positions_sentiment_positionType_percentage positions_sentiment_positionType1_percentage">78%</div>' & @crlf & _ 
'<div class="positions_sentiment_positionType_percentage positions_sentiment_positionType2_percentage">22%</div>'

$res = StringRegExp($str, '(?s)<div.+?percentage">(\d+)%', 3)
Msgbox(0,"", _ArrayMax($res, 1) & " %")
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Thanks alot Mikell!

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