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Using and reading .dll

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Hello, I`ve been using AutoIt for a while now, but this is the first time i`m working with .dlls and i somehow can`t get it working. I`m trying to create some simple CMS for DVR. I got SDK from software i`m using right now, but i`m a bit lost there. 

I`m trying to Initialize and connect to DVR and i got this  "manual" that says: (i`m gonna attach the whole file down below, if anybody got time and will to look at it, this is from page 9)

int SDKi_Initialize (EVENTCALLBACK fnCallback, WORD wEventPort);

- Parameters


: Event Callback function pointer

WORD wEventPort

: Event Server Port

- Return value



Initialized success


unknown error


Initialized failed

and i`ve tried several time, and out of desperation i`ve end up with:

$initialize = DllCall($dllPath, "int", "SDKi_Initialize", "ptr", "fnCallback", "WORD", "wEventPort")

If @error Then
Return 0
Return String($initialize)

MsgBox(0, "something", $initialize)

and i know the whole thing is totaly wrong right now, so if someone would have time and be willing to help me out a bit i would be really thankful.

Also excuse my poor english and thank you again in advance.


SDK_Reference Manual_v3.2.0.7.doc

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