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I have a simple txt file on my server. The exact address is http://craftarr.com/Blacklist

I have been trying to troubleshoot why XProTect does not read it, so I wrote a little program to see if I could get it to read, and I cant. I don't know why. I don't know if I need specific server settings or what, but it definitely isnt reading. I can open it in a browser, not sure if that is the same or not.

Global $Name = "bill_michelle@live.com"
Global $pwn = 0
Global $Temp = 0

If INetGet("http://craftarr.com/blacklist.txt", $Temp, 1) = 1 Then
   Local $Str = fileread($Temp)
   If StringInStr($Str, $Name) Then
   msgbox(0, "Bad", "Did not read at all")

Maybe someone can point out what I am doing wrong or what settings I need to add so it works?

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You have a couple of issues in your script:

1. The var $temp should contain a filename

2. The url is wrong in your script since your webserver is case sensitive.

3. The If is wrong as InetGet returns the bytes received.

Global $Name = "bill_michelle@live.com"
Global $pwn = 0
Global $Temp = "blacklist.txt"

If INetGet("http://craftarr.com/Blacklist.txt", $Temp, 1) Then


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Thanks Jos, that fixed it :). I was going according to the original script on XProTect.au3

If InetGet($D_Link & "Blacklist.txt", $rtemp, 1) = 1 Then
  $itemp = FileRead($rtemp)
  If StringInStr($itemp, $X_read003) Or StringInStr($itemp, $ND_Mail) Then mError("This program has been abused and will now close    ", 6, 1)

Once I changed it to 

If InetGet($D_Link & "Blacklist.txt", $rtemp, 1) Then

It worked fine :).


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