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Help: How to work extract some characters from word.

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Hey guys,

Can somebody help me with this?

Used word: AA:BB:CC

Constant word: 12345_5678

I need a script to take the last 3 character from AA:BB:CC, EXCEPT for the ":" symbol so that the result will be:







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How I would do it, most likely not the easiest way as I'm Sure it could be done with StringRegExpReplace

$vWord = "AA:BB:CC"
$vConstantWord = "12345_5678"

$vString = StringRight(StringReplace($vWord,":", ""), 3) ;~ AABBCC
$vString2 = StringSplit($vConstantWord, "_", 2) ;~ Split Constant Word Into Array

$vOutput = ($vString2[0] & $vString & "_" & $vString2[1]) ;~ 12345, BCC, _, 5678

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Thank you guys!

This code works too.. :thumbsup:

local $mystring = "AA:BB:CC"
$theStr = StringSplit($mystring, ":") ; Create an array
$theNewStr = ""

For $i = 1 to $theStr[0] Step 1
    $theNewStr = $theNewStr & $theStr[$i]
Local $result = StringTrimLeft($theNewStr, 3)
MsgBox(0, "New Text:", "12345" & $result & "_5678")

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