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Working with file dates?

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I need to check a folder to see if any of it's contents have been modified sine the last time the folder was backed up.  The folder has thousands of small files in it, so doing a _FileListtoArray, then doing a FileGetTime for each entry while finding the newest seems onerous.  Any better ways?


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This example may give you some ideas.

Local $fso, $file, $recentFile
Local $sPath = "C:\Users\Mal\Documents\AutoIt"
Local $sStartDate = "20130901120000" ; Time =  "2013/09/01 12:00:00"

; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17446286/batch-script-write-date-of-oldest-file-in-a-dir-to-text-file

$fso = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
For $file In $fso.GetFolder($sPath).Files
    If ($file.DateLastModified > $sStartDate) And _  ; If the file's DateLastModified is greater than (>) the specified $sStartDate Then
            StringRight($file.name, 3) == "au3" Then ; Only those fifes with "au3" extension
        ConsoleWrite($file.DateLastModified & "  " & $file.name & @LF)
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