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IE.au3-Error when opening URLs with @-prefix

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I observe unexpected behaviour when using IE.au3 with url-@-prefixes.

Note that this should not be a discussion about passing username:password in the url  :)



#include <IE.au3>
$oIE = _IECreate() 
$oIE.navigate("http://username:password@server.domain.com/service", 0, "_blank", 0, "Referer: http://www.google.com")


Script error: Line 37 (File "C:\test.au3"): $oIE.navigate("http://username:password@server.domain.com/service", 0, "_blank", 0, "Referer: http://www.google.com") $oIE.navigate("http://username:password@server.domain.com/service", 0, "_blank", 0, "Referer: http://www.google.com")^ ERROR Error: The requested action with this object has failed.

Is there something wrong with the syntax or is it a bug?

Any help greatly appreciated.




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