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Send to any window ?

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I have a little script that Sends key commands.

I do not use anything in the script that uses winhandles. No winactivate or anything remotely like it. I actually tried using that in the first place and thought it was the cause of the problem so i removed it. 

The problem is; when there are multiple clients active, it only works on the most recent opened client. 

I cannot understand this since i am not even telling what client the the commands should be send to. I just want them to be send to the active window, allowing me to activate a different window when i want while the script is running.

It does work on unrelated different windows or even the desktop. As soon as i close the clients and go to desktop, it keeps activating windows help. It just wont let me choose multiple clients of 1 window.

Why ?

HotKeySet("{HOME}", "Terminate")

HotKeySet("{F12}", "Start")
While 1
   $x = 1
Func Start()
    While $go = 1
Func Terminate()
    $go = 0
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to expand on JohnOne's answer:

if other applications have those hotkeys assigned autoit can't make use of them, so those functions won't ever be activated.

your best bet is to try to use modifier keys (such as !^+, etc... check the Send() help)

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