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Rebar is not working (, WinXP)

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Check out the example in the Help. A handle is returned, but not added to the band.

I've tried to find a difference in the versions of UDF, but could not find the error.

AutoIt3 v3.3.8.1, Windows XP.


Restored $tagREBARBANDINFO, now works

$__tagREBARBANDINFO = "uint cbSize;uint fMask;uint fStyle;dword clrFore;dword clrBack;ptr lpText;uint cch;" & _
        "int iImage;hwnd hwndChild;uint cxMinChild;uint cyMinChild;uint cx;handle hbmBack;uint wID;uint cyChild;uint cyMaxChild;" & _
        "uint cyIntegral;uint cxIdeal;lparam lParam;uint cxHeader"
If @OSVersion <> "WIN_XP" Then $__tagREBARBANDINFO &= ";" & $tagRECT & ";uint uChevronState"
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