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need some help with "_SendMessage"

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$c_Progress = GUICtrlCreateProgress($pbLeft, $pbTop, $pbWidth, $pbHeigth, $PBM_SETMARQUEE)
    _SendMessage($c_Progress, $PBM_SETMARQUEE, True, 0)
    RunWait(@TempDir & "\sqlite3.exe C:\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\cr08o9f8.default\addons.sqlite VACUUM")
    _SendMessage($c_Progress, $PBM_SETMARQUEE, False, 0)

Hope someone can help me here? I am familiar with Progress bars, but quite a while ago some member showed me how to use "_SendMessage" to show the client that the "RunWait" is still in progress. As soon as the "RunWait" is completed, the "Marquee" will problem...but there is something i need on top of that. The Marquee stops in the "middle" when finished, and stays there...I have tried the "GUICtrlSetData" command/funtion to clear the Marquee, but to no avail.

My accomplishment is this ---> I want the "Marquee" to "decrease/shrink away" when it reaches the end after

---> _SendMessage($c_Progress, $PBM_SETMARQUEE, False, 0)

Any "tips" guys?

PS: do I still need the #include <SendMessage.au3> as i have noticed "__SendMessage" still works even if there is no #include <SendMessage.au3>

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...I eventually came right....faulty (was i too sleepy?) problem...things are a-ok now...Admin, you may delete this post as it's solved :sweating:


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